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Newsletters are a great way for companies and organisations to keep their staff, customers or members up to date with regular developments.

Horton Print Group produces newsletters on a regular basis for a diverse base of clients, always at a competitive price. These newsletters are used by a wide range of clients to convey information, some for multi-national companies, others for non-profit organisations in the Bradford area.

Born in Bradford NHS (Case Study)

‘Born in Bradford’ is a groundbreaking research programme that will follow the lives of over 10,000 babies over the next 20 years. What we learn about those babies will help us understand how we can improve the health of people living in Bradford and elsewhere.

‘Born in Bradford’ is a cohort study, one of the largest of its kind.

Cohort studies are a special type of research project in which a group of people with something in common are followed for a period of time to find out what factors affect them. Researchers try to identify a causal relationship between the health of people in the cohort and pre-existing factors recorded earlier. If a relationship is found it allows researchers to target the causes of illness.

In birth cohort studies, like ‘Born in Bradford’, the cohort have their time and place of birth in common – in our case all the babies born in the city in the two years from autumn 2006. Factors recorded by ‘Born in Bradford’ researchers in pregnancy or early life may prove to be related to illnesses or other problems later on. This information will help us to understand why our children become ill, and might open up exciting ways of treating and preventing illness.

The Horton Print Group was delighted to win a tender to produce this newsletter for the NHS. We were successful due to our personal service, our high quality design and our very competitive print prices. We have great pride in producing this regular newsletter for the community in Bradford.

Visit the Born In Bradford NHS website

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